Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funnies at Work

Okay...Most of you who are reading this know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office on NBC. It is and will always be the funniest show on television. In fact, Matt and I love it so much, we turn it on (almost) every night before bed and fall asleep to it. (We set the timer, so it doesn't stay on all night.)

ANYWHO.... If you watch The Office, this will be especially funny to you...

Have you ever heard the updawg joke? It goes:

"Man, It kinda smells like updawg in here"

"What's updawg?"

"Not much whats up with you?" I heard that joke probably in 2nd grade, but I told my friend Vicky at work, and she just thought it was HYSterical!! Apparently she'd never heard it. So she then proceeded to try to get EVERYONE who walked by with this joke, but no one said it right. They would say something like:

"I don't smell anything" or "I don't know what that is" or "It smells like what?"

So obviously the joke doesn't work unless they answer "What's updawg?"

So poor Vicky went the whole morning and couldn't get ANYONE to say it. Until....Mike walked by. She said it and FINALLY Mike says "What's updawg?"

You should have seen her...I'm not kidding, her face LIT up!! She was SOO excited! So quickly she says, "Pretty Good! How are you??!!"

LOL....she finally got her chance and messed it up.... Just like Michael. LOLOLOL

Moving on.....

My funny friend made some more funny comments today that I just couldn't pass up. I'm throwing my best friend a baby shower this weekend and one of the games is the animal alphabet game (Her theme is Noah's Ark). The guests have to come up with different baby animal names that start with every letter of the alphabet. So Vicky says..."what would you do for V? Thats a hard one.....hmmmmm.... OH I KNOW! A Valapter!!!!!"

So I said, "a WHAT?"

"You know....those dinosaurs!"

"Vicky.....That is a velociRAPTOR!" HAHAHAHA

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