Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mason's new phrase

Now most of you know that Mason is an only child, only nephew, and only grandchild. So needless to say he is a LITTLE spoiled. :-) But certainly not by ME....mostly from my parents ;-) Haha

He likes people to focus on him....and sometimes if he doesn't think you are listening he will say hey....hey.....hey..... until you answer him. (I know we should break him of that habit, but he's so darn cute!!!)

So yesterday on the way to the park I was talking to my mom, and Mason says, "Hey.....Hey.....Hey..... Dede!! WOO HOO!!!!" We CRACKED up when he said WOO HOO! LoL No one can figure out where he got it from!

This might be a 'had-to-be-there-moment' but I definitely don't want to forget it!


Today, my mom and I were in Champaign, and I saw a sign that said:
"30% off on Wensdays only!"
I'm thinking they should have used spell check.

Wordless Wednes.....wait it's Friday!!!

Soooo....I ALWAYS forget to put something up for Wordless Wednesday so I'm catching up now! LoL

The first one is:
Why men are 4x more likely than women to get struck by lightening. ;-)

(This is our neighbor during a REALLY REALLY bad storm.)

The second one:

Mason's pure excitement from Box Hound (Fox and the Hound)
And the last one:

Never too young to start them on video game, right Matt?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blast from the not-too-distant Past the Spirit of Devin's Blast from the Past, I've decided to do my own!  This was from March 2008.  Six of our friends from college all went to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.  For those of you who aren't sure, the Arnold is a HUGE body building expo put on every year by none other than Arnold Schwarzeneggar!!  Now....when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE!!!  I'm guessing that just the main part of the expo was about 3 football fields deep and 10 fields wide.  There were booths EVERYWHERE!!  There were a few times I would get swept away in the crowd, and truly started to panic that I would never see my friends again!!!

If you weren't sure....I made it out alive :)

Anywho... my husband and his friends are REALLY into lifting weights and body the entire reason to go to this thing is to get free samples of supplements.  If you play your cards right, you can get enough free stuff that you can go about 3 months without buying protein or anything like that.  Lucky for Matt and Josh, their wives came with :)   Which meant double the supplements for them!  There aren't many girls at this thing (except for the sleazy-half-naked-your-mothers-should-be-ashamed-of them ones working at the booths) so the guys who are handing stuff out were very generous and gave us lots of stuff.  

The best part of the expo is that it's not JUST body-building.  They have a gymnastics competition, martial arts, mixed martial arts, fencing, ball-room dancing and CHEERLEADING competitions all going on at the same time.  Jill and I got tired of fighting the crowd and went to watch the cheerleading competition and GUESS who we saw!!!  

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGAR!!  It. was. AWESOME.  We were standing right next to the door as he walked in.  I was standing TWO feet from him!  It was so cool!!  Jill actually got to shake his hand!!  LUCKY!  :)

I'm am also an avid UFC fan....if you didn't know :)  We got to meet SO many famous people it was AWESOME!  But my favorite was Gabriel Gonzaga, Sam Stout, and Jeff Monson!  Here are some pics :)

Matt and I with Gabriel Gonzaga!  Definitely the Highlight of the Trip!

Walking into the expo...the boys were like kids in a candy shop!  :)

I don't know who this is, but he must be important b/c the boys were impressed.

Cameron and some...."Lady of the Night" as Matt would say.  LoL

Cameron and Titan (from the new American Gladiators)

Matthew and Titan

Some Gigantic man 

Jay Cutler...according to my T-shirt, he's won 4 times!

The only caption for this is.... AHHHH!!!!!!

I think this was some type of Christian Body building organization.  It said Omega on their shirts with crosses.  Apparently believing in God is not synonymous with being Steroid free  :)  LoL  Just kidding!

Here is a little taste of the whole expo.  You are probably looking at like 1/10 of the entire room.

Lou Ferrigno!  AKA The Incredible Hulk!  
...I kept yelling for him to look at me, but he never did!  ;) 

Another one of Jay, with some girl hangin all over him.  Nice 80's haircut, Jay!  :)

Matt and I with Sam Stout!

Matt and I with Jeff Monson!  He is SO cool!

Going home with all our S.W.A.G!!!!!!!!  
Jill and I were literally sitting on tubs of Protein the whole way home!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...Number 1 :)

Okay, Okay... I know I haven't updated my blog in a VERY long time...  We've been super busy lately with TONS of stuff!!  We bought a new house (Woo Hoo!), Matt's been getting a lot more graphic design work, I'm looking for a new job, and the summer hasn't even begun yet and we've already had 3 weddings to go to!!!  Ugh!!  LoL  I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings, but three in one weekend!  SHEESH!!  LoL  I guess we are at that age when all of our friends are getting married... LoL  Matt and I were just a little ahead of the curve :)    

This weekend, Matt was in his lifelong friend, Brodie's wedding on Friday.  They've known each other forever and Brodie was in our wedding 2 1/2 (holy crap) years ago!  


This is Brodie and Heather in our wedding.

We went up Wednesday night and stayed with some good friends, Jake and Becca, in Bourbonnais, and celebrated Jacob's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!!

We then headed up to Ottawa on Thursday morning.  The rehearsal and dinner were on Thursday night and Matt and I got a hotel to stay in for the night.  When we got there, the other groomsmen told Matt about the Bachelor party they had planned....they were going to spend the night in Sterling then wake up Friday morning and shoot skeet.    So I, being the ever sacrificing wife that I am ;), told him that he REALLY needed to go do all the 'Guy' stuff. 

It. was. awful.  I had to stay in the hotel all alone, then spend the whole next day alone until the wedding started.  I went to Wal-Mart for a while, filled up my gas tank (even though I had 3/4 tank), got my car washed, and then sat in the church parking lot for three hours while I painted my nails and played on the iTouch.   

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funnies at Work

Okay...Most of you who are reading this know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office on NBC. It is and will always be the funniest show on television. In fact, Matt and I love it so much, we turn it on (almost) every night before bed and fall asleep to it. (We set the timer, so it doesn't stay on all night.)

ANYWHO.... If you watch The Office, this will be especially funny to you...

Have you ever heard the updawg joke? It goes:

"Man, It kinda smells like updawg in here"

"What's updawg?"

"Not much whats up with you?" I heard that joke probably in 2nd grade, but I told my friend Vicky at work, and she just thought it was HYSterical!! Apparently she'd never heard it. So she then proceeded to try to get EVERYONE who walked by with this joke, but no one said it right. They would say something like:

"I don't smell anything" or "I don't know what that is" or "It smells like what?"

So obviously the joke doesn't work unless they answer "What's updawg?"

So poor Vicky went the whole morning and couldn't get ANYONE to say it. Until....Mike walked by. She said it and FINALLY Mike says "What's updawg?"

You should have seen her...I'm not kidding, her face LIT up!! She was SOO excited! So quickly she says, "Pretty Good! How are you??!!"

LOL....she finally got her chance and messed it up.... Just like Michael. LOLOLOL

Moving on.....

My funny friend made some more funny comments today that I just couldn't pass up. I'm throwing my best friend a baby shower this weekend and one of the games is the animal alphabet game (Her theme is Noah's Ark). The guests have to come up with different baby animal names that start with every letter of the alphabet. So Vicky says..."what would you do for V? Thats a hard one.....hmmmmm.... OH I KNOW! A Valapter!!!!!"

So I said, "a WHAT?"

"You know....those dinosaurs!"

"Vicky.....That is a velociRAPTOR!" HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One of those days....

Have you ever met anyone who's voice is like nails on a chalkboard? There is someone here at work...every time she speaks it makes me want to kick a puppy :) LoL I'm kidding....kinda. After the amazing weekend I had (more on this later), I should be in a better mood... :)

AND it kinda smells like updawg in here...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Awesome Weekend Quotes

"He got a booty-call text on his phone"

"You know...because he's a PLAYA, and PLAYA's get booty-calls"
-Pastor Dave Leary, himself. (Trying to explain to Ben what exactly is a booty call)

"I OWNED at the Arnold! I was definitely the most aggressive/shady about getting the free stuff."
-My husband, Matt Swenson (which is even funnier if you know his personality...he is not usually like that at ALL)

"Charlotte is going to play the nighty-game at Becca's shower. I'm totally bringing the skankiest one I own."
-Yours Truly LoL

"... Like when you are waiting for the light to turn green, so you can start singing again."
-Jill Niemi

"I bet Devin will come to my party....She seems kinda freaky"
-Yours Truly again

"Playa from another Laya....Woo Woo!"
-Devin (imagine her rapping that) Hahaha!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Movin' On Up!

I really wanted to take pictures of our house after it was all complete so I could post them on here, but when we go to the house yesterday, wouldn't ya know it, the camera was DEAD! Darn! But I just wanted to give a quick update....

We got the appraisal back for the house and it appraised for $13,000 MORE than we are paying for it!!! Isn't that AWESOME!? Praise the Lord! :) We are definitely in the final stages now! I just have to drop off some more papers to the bank tonight after work, and she will tell us when we can close on it! I'm so excited!!

We are Totally going to have everyone over for Guitar Hero/Rockband night when we get moved in! :) Woo Hoo!!!

Pictures will be up soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Verdict! (Thats what she said!)

SOOO....Matt interview went swimmingly!! :) I'm not sure if that's a real word, but I'm using it anyway! You'll have to ask Matt in person to get the full story but I know lots of people (well the four people that read my blog) are interested to know how it went!

The owner met with Matt and told him several times that he really liked him and could tell that he really loved what he did. He went ON and ON about how much he liked Matt's print work. The problem is that they need a web designer, and Matt has only worked 2 websites. (Although they are GREAT!) He's done the Pawnshop's and Darren and Katie's Bagz website

Sidenote: Devin I need you to show me how to hyperlink words. All I can do is type out the whole website!

He said that he is going to try and crunch the numbers and see if they can take on another print designer. BUT (I know I'm not supposed to start a sentence with BUT :) ) no matter what happens, he still wants to contract out some work to Matt (like free lance stuff). Matt was REALLY excited and encouraged when he got done with the interview. Hopefully it will develop into a job!!!

Babe! I'm so proud of you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Job Interview!

So Matt just called...he's on his way to Champaign... for an INTERVIEW!! Woo Hoo!

Matt LOVES his job at the Pawnshop and loves being a part of "the family", but he's been hoping for a graphic design job since he graduated college. He is SOOO talented too! He and his brother 'amped' up their resumes and sent them out everywhere. Before, their resumes were plain and standard and now they look all designy. Is that a word? :)

Anyhow...A guy that he met at church posted his Resume on some type of network and sent Matt a job posting. And the owner emailed him! The art director for the company apparently graduated from Olivet! What a small world?! They set up the interview for today at 10:00. That's right NOW! I know Matt is prepared and SUPER excited!

I'm sure Matt would really appreciate a little prayer! :) He doesn't have a TON of experience in web design, but hopefully the employers will see his potential! I've been praying that if this is what God wants him to do, then please let everything work out!

I guess I better get going so I can keep praying! I will upload some of his work so everyone can see how talented he is!


Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't have kids yet, so this is my entertainment! be honest, I wanted my first blog to be about something REALLY amazing! Like Matt and I getting approved for our first home loan and pictures of our (soon-to-be) AWESOME house :) or Matt getting an awesome Graphic Design job, or something like that....

BUT....I couldn't pass this up...

Those of you who know my dad, know that he is VERY intelligent and pretty serious most of the time (Although he has a HYSTERICAL sense of humor). He has always been fairly slow to speak, and you can actually see him thinking about what he is going to say before he says it. I've always admired that about him, b/c sometimes I just blurt things out without thinking! Anyhow...for this reason my dad doesn't usually say silly things...

Except on Friday.... :)

We were sitting at Dinner at Pizza Inn on Friday Night, just having random conversations. My dad asked Matt how his day at work was and he started talking about some guy who has a LOT of stuff in Pawn.

So I started in on how this guy had a Hummer, and a chopper, and another car in pawn along with a TON of other stuff. I kept going and my dad says.....

Whoa! This guys has a helicopter in pawn!?!?

No Dad....that would be a COPTER....not a CHOPPER.

I DIED laughing!!!!! I still laugh out loud when I think about it!