Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...Number 1 :)

Okay, Okay... I know I haven't updated my blog in a VERY long time...  We've been super busy lately with TONS of stuff!!  We bought a new house (Woo Hoo!), Matt's been getting a lot more graphic design work, I'm looking for a new job, and the summer hasn't even begun yet and we've already had 3 weddings to go to!!!  Ugh!!  LoL  I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings, but three in one weekend!  SHEESH!!  LoL  I guess we are at that age when all of our friends are getting married... LoL  Matt and I were just a little ahead of the curve :)    

This weekend, Matt was in his lifelong friend, Brodie's wedding on Friday.  They've known each other forever and Brodie was in our wedding 2 1/2 (holy crap) years ago!  


This is Brodie and Heather in our wedding.

We went up Wednesday night and stayed with some good friends, Jake and Becca, in Bourbonnais, and celebrated Jacob's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!!

We then headed up to Ottawa on Thursday morning.  The rehearsal and dinner were on Thursday night and Matt and I got a hotel to stay in for the night.  When we got there, the other groomsmen told Matt about the Bachelor party they had planned....they were going to spend the night in Sterling then wake up Friday morning and shoot skeet.    So I, being the ever sacrificing wife that I am ;), told him that he REALLY needed to go do all the 'Guy' stuff. 

It. was. awful.  I had to stay in the hotel all alone, then spend the whole next day alone until the wedding started.  I went to Wal-Mart for a while, filled up my gas tank (even though I had 3/4 tank), got my car washed, and then sat in the church parking lot for three hours while I painted my nails and played on the iTouch.   

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  1. Looks like fun....but we missed you at Becca's wedding! It was pretty fun too--and the boys danced the night away! Hilarious.

    Cameron's still singing...

    "Fun to stay at the

    Yes, I'm serious.

    See you Sunday!