Friday, May 29, 2009

Blast from the not-too-distant Past the Spirit of Devin's Blast from the Past, I've decided to do my own!  This was from March 2008.  Six of our friends from college all went to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.  For those of you who aren't sure, the Arnold is a HUGE body building expo put on every year by none other than Arnold Schwarzeneggar!!  Now....when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE!!!  I'm guessing that just the main part of the expo was about 3 football fields deep and 10 fields wide.  There were booths EVERYWHERE!!  There were a few times I would get swept away in the crowd, and truly started to panic that I would never see my friends again!!!

If you weren't sure....I made it out alive :)

Anywho... my husband and his friends are REALLY into lifting weights and body the entire reason to go to this thing is to get free samples of supplements.  If you play your cards right, you can get enough free stuff that you can go about 3 months without buying protein or anything like that.  Lucky for Matt and Josh, their wives came with :)   Which meant double the supplements for them!  There aren't many girls at this thing (except for the sleazy-half-naked-your-mothers-should-be-ashamed-of them ones working at the booths) so the guys who are handing stuff out were very generous and gave us lots of stuff.  

The best part of the expo is that it's not JUST body-building.  They have a gymnastics competition, martial arts, mixed martial arts, fencing, ball-room dancing and CHEERLEADING competitions all going on at the same time.  Jill and I got tired of fighting the crowd and went to watch the cheerleading competition and GUESS who we saw!!!  

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGAR!!  It. was. AWESOME.  We were standing right next to the door as he walked in.  I was standing TWO feet from him!  It was so cool!!  Jill actually got to shake his hand!!  LUCKY!  :)

I'm am also an avid UFC fan....if you didn't know :)  We got to meet SO many famous people it was AWESOME!  But my favorite was Gabriel Gonzaga, Sam Stout, and Jeff Monson!  Here are some pics :)

Matt and I with Gabriel Gonzaga!  Definitely the Highlight of the Trip!

Walking into the expo...the boys were like kids in a candy shop!  :)

I don't know who this is, but he must be important b/c the boys were impressed.

Cameron and some...."Lady of the Night" as Matt would say.  LoL

Cameron and Titan (from the new American Gladiators)

Matthew and Titan

Some Gigantic man 

Jay Cutler...according to my T-shirt, he's won 4 times!

The only caption for this is.... AHHHH!!!!!!

I think this was some type of Christian Body building organization.  It said Omega on their shirts with crosses.  Apparently believing in God is not synonymous with being Steroid free  :)  LoL  Just kidding!

Here is a little taste of the whole expo.  You are probably looking at like 1/10 of the entire room.

Lou Ferrigno!  AKA The Incredible Hulk!  
...I kept yelling for him to look at me, but he never did!  ;) 

Another one of Jay, with some girl hangin all over him.  Nice 80's haircut, Jay!  :)

Matt and I with Sam Stout!

Matt and I with Jeff Monson!  He is SO cool!

Going home with all our S.W.A.G!!!!!!!!  
Jill and I were literally sitting on tubs of Protein the whole way home!

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  1. Our SWAG!! Stuff. We. All. Get. :-)

    I swear, that looks fun, but I don't think I could handle the crowds...I hate people too much! *hee hee*