Thursday, February 12, 2009

Job Interview!

So Matt just called...he's on his way to Champaign... for an INTERVIEW!! Woo Hoo!

Matt LOVES his job at the Pawnshop and loves being a part of "the family", but he's been hoping for a graphic design job since he graduated college. He is SOOO talented too! He and his brother 'amped' up their resumes and sent them out everywhere. Before, their resumes were plain and standard and now they look all designy. Is that a word? :)

Anyhow...A guy that he met at church posted his Resume on some type of network and sent Matt a job posting. And the owner emailed him! The art director for the company apparently graduated from Olivet! What a small world?! They set up the interview for today at 10:00. That's right NOW! I know Matt is prepared and SUPER excited!

I'm sure Matt would really appreciate a little prayer! :) He doesn't have a TON of experience in web design, but hopefully the employers will see his potential! I've been praying that if this is what God wants him to do, then please let everything work out!

I guess I better get going so I can keep praying! I will upload some of his work so everyone can see how talented he is!



  1. WOO HOO! I am praying too! This is so exciting!! Especially in light of "the house" and all! I have a GREAT IDEA for the next post!!!!! : D

  2. This is wonderful Steph! I'm a little late seeing's 2:00 and all....but I'm still praying. Let us know!